Start with Bismillah Tableware Set - Blue


Instil the sunnah and akhlaaq of eating in your children with our start with bismillah tableware set. The set is perfect for anything from full meals to desserts, sides and more! Each plate has been carefully designed with colorful and enticing food elements as well as text prompting your kids to remember the sunnah of eating in Islam.

Plates and bowl read “Start with Bismillah’ “Eat with your right hand” “End with Alhamdulillah” as pictured.

Each set includes a bowl, plate and cup which is made from 100% melamine and it BPA free

The raised edges on the plate gives your little one’s additional comfort with scooping up their food and also provides a secure grip.  

Elevate your mealtimes today with our Start with Bismillah Tableware set.

Each set includes:

  • Bowl size 175 x 160 x 40mm
  • Plate Size: 245 x 218 x 20mm
  • Cup Size: 93 x 85mm

Care Instructions

  • Wash before first use
  • Dishwasher safe
  • NOT Microwave safe
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Beautiful Plates

The kids love it and always want to use it