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It is related by Aisha (RA) that the Messenger of God (SAW) said: “Exchange presents with one another. Presents remove ill-will from the hearts.”- Bukhari

We are the leading Islamic books and gifts shop in Lagos, Nigeria retailing relatable Islamic books, toys, puzzles, prayer accessories, decoration and more.

 At Hadiya, our passion is to help you foster and inspire the love for the deen in your children and educate them on all aspects of Islam and its pillars through everyday products. Children learn best through play; this is why we are keen to help you nurture your children’s Islamic identity in a fun, relaxed and interactive way through our gifts.

 We have carefully selected unique and quality play and educational products from around the world providing you with a variety of products to choose from.  We stock a wide range of Islamic books for children and adults alike with a good mix of fictional books with Islamic manners and principles and non fictional books based on the life of the Prophet Muhammad SAW, his companions and wives. We also stock prayer mats, Tasbih, Wooden Islamic decor, Pictures for Ramadan, Islamic Frames, Gift for Ramadan, Pillows and Eid décor.