My Body Safety Book

About My Body Safety Book for Muslim Kids

My Body Safety Book is a very essential book for every Muslim child because it empowers them against sexual abuse through their precious growing years.

No parent wants their child sexually molested and that’s why this book was written to help empower children against abusers.

It contains very empowering and practical knowledge that teaches children the what, why and how of keeping their body safe from sexual abuse.

What it covers:

Your body is an amanah (trust from Allaah سبحانه و تعالى )

What is awrah?

Covering your awrah.

Know your private body parts (awrah).

What is body safety?

Who is a threat to your body safety?

Where can sexual abuse take place

Be a body safety hero!

6 body safety alarms

3 body safety tools

My Body safety poem

Body safety hero pledge

Fun learning activities!

Children 8 years and above can read it on their own. Younger children will need adult assistance to read. All children should be engaged in conversations while reading this book. This will help them process their thoughts and get more out of it inshaa Allaah.

My Body Safety Book for Muslim Kids is one of the best gifts to give Muslim children. A gift of empowerment to keep their body safe.

Every child deserves to grow safe, secure and loved.

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