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Meet The Author: Yasmin Egala

1. Tell us a bit about yourself

I am the author of ‘Treasures of Jannah’ children’s book which aims to instil the love of Jannah in little hearts and minds. As a mother of 3 energetic children, I juggle my career as a Human Resource professional and co-founder Tiny Mu’mins Islamic children’s workshops while being a fun mum to my beautiful children. I am of Ghanaian heritage but was raised in London, UK.

2. What motivated you to become a Muslim Children’s book author?

I am passionate about instilling faith in my children in a fun way and this is what inspired me to become a Muslim Children’s book author.

3. Was there a specific life experience that inspired you to write about Jannah?

I attended a lecture where the speaker asked us what we specifically wanted in Jannah. Until that point, I had never thought in detail what I want in Jannah and that excited me and inspired me with the idea to write about Jannah for children. I wanted children to dream and be excited about Jannah.

4. What tips do you have for parents in helping them teach their children to strive for Jannah?

Have discussions regularly about Jannah and explore Allah’s promise of Jannah as a family. I would encourage parents to share what they desire in Jannah to show their enthusiasm and link these to actions that lead to Jannah. This will teach children what awaits them and encourage them to strive for Jannah Inshallah.

5. Any advise for potential Muslim authors out there?

Start writing. You don’t have to be an expert to write, but it’s important to start on the ideas you have. Ask for help in areas that you are not so confident in.

6. What are your favorite bedtime books for your kids and why (doesn’t have to be Islamic)?

· Stories of the prophets picture book series – we love hearing about the adventures that the Prophet (as) experienced and it makes the children relate to them through the stories.

· We are going on a bear hunt- we love the adventure and the sound effects of the various places which makes a good laugh.

· Love thy fro’ – we love this book as it encourages self-love and acceptance of Black hair

· Treasures of Jannah – we love exploring our hearts desires in Jannah together which usually involves candy floss palaces, Chocolate lakes, and best of all- no bossy grown-ups!

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