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4 Recommended Books About Allah Every Muslim Child Should Read

Updated: Jan 2

I have thoroughly researched Islamic books in the market and have come up with my top 4 recommended Islamic storybooks for children to introduce them to Allah and his attributes from birth through age 8.

Our first pick is The ABC of Allah Loves Me by Learning Roots..

This is an eye catching Islamic storybook for children from birth through age 3. I love the colorful illustrations and the concept of the book. It’s a fun way for your Muslim kids to learn their alphabets whilst also learning about Allah and his many attributes. It is well written board book with beautiful illustrations that every Muslim kid will love. You can learn more about the book and purchase it using here.

Our next pick is My First Book About Allah by Sara Khan

This book is one of a 3 part series, which also includes My First Book About Prophet Muhammad and My First Book About the Quran respectively. This is another Islamic board book for a child that helps introduce the concept of God and Allah to children. It highlights the oneness of Allah and some of his beautiful attributes such as his infinite mercy. It then ties it all together with a promise at the end assuring readers that if they believe and put their trust in him, he will make them happy. It’s written in simple and child friendly language with rich and colorful illustrations, which is bound to attract any Muslim child that reads it. You can learn more about the book and purchase it in Nigeria by following the link here.

Another great Islamic book about Allah for children aged 0 – 5yrs is the popular songbook by Zain Bhikha titles Allah Made Everything. This is another personal favorite in our household as we have been reading it to my son since he was six months old. It’s a pretty wordy book but I love the rhyming sentences, which make it fun to read out loud as well as the repetitive choruses that make it memorable for kids. The book covers a diverse range of Allah’s creation and reminds readers that he is the creator of everything and all comes from him so we need to be grateful. This is a best seller and every Muslim child should have this book. You can read more about it and purchase it in Nigeria here

Last but definitely not the least of our recommended Islamic books about Allah for children is the two-part book by Ozkan Oze titled I Wonder About Allah Part One and Part 2. Have you ever had your kids ask you questions about Allah and Islam that completely throws you off guard? Well if you have then you probably need to get them a copy of this book as well as have it in your home so you can refer to it when you get asked some tough questions. It’s written in a question and answer type of way and tackles some of the most difficult questions Muslim children have about Allah and the deen in a way that is easy for them to grasp and understand. It’s ideal for children aged 6 and above. To find out more about the books and purchase them in Lagos, Nigeria, you can click here.

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