4 Recommended Islamic Gifts for Toddlers in 2021

4 Recommended Islamic Gifts for Toddlers in 2021

Finding the ideal Islamic gift for anyone can be difficult, let alone toddlers! They are at that age where they can’t exactly express themselves with words to tell us what it is that they enjoy. However, when gifting toddlers, we can be sure that a combination of something fun, colourful and interactive as well as educational would make a great gift for them. The first 3 years of life are the most formative years for critical development and toddlers’ brains absorb so much so it’s important for gifts to explore all their senses for maximum impact.


Here are our top Islamic gifts to get your toddlers in 2021

My Dua Pillow


The Dua Pillow is a plush toy like no other. A cuddly pillow with sound which has numerous functions packed in it. The Dua Pillow is the perfect sleep companion for toddlers – with 5 buttons – each with a different function; the Dua pillow teaches children the sunnah of bedtime. It has buttons which recite Ayatul kursi, the 3 Quls , the Dua for Sleeping, the Dua for waking up as well as a lullaby. Our favorite aspect of the pillow is the fact that it looks cute, it’s soft to touch and available in a variety of colors providing options for parents and children to choose from. Want to learn more about this amazing toy? Click here to find out more.



Alphabet Kaba

Alphabet Kaba


Alphabets are the first things toddlers learn once they start to talk so these bi-lingual wooden blocks make a great Islamic gift for toddlers as it helps to reinforce their learning of both English and Arabic alphabets as well as numbers 1 – 10. Asides that, we love that it’s an open Islamic toy to gift your toddler because the blocks can also be coloured-in or used to refine toddlers fine motor skills as well as stacked to create different themes. It can also serve as a role play toy to start to teach talk to children about hajj and the holy ka’aba. Want to learn more about this amazing toy? Click here to find out more.


Fun Dough Arabic Letters

Have you met a child that doesn’t love playdough? We haven’t either! Playdough is an amazing sensory tool that opens up a world of imagination and creativity for all children. Now couple that with learning and Arabic letter recognition- the Fun dough Arabic letters make a fantastic Islamic gift for toddlers. Each set comes with 5 different coloured pots of playdough and Arabic alphabet shaped cutters which can be used to cut out all the Arabic letters. It’s a fun Islamic toy which can help reinforce the recognition and pronunciation of Arabic letters when used with an adult and overall makes learning Arabic more fun for the child. Want to learn more about this amazing toy? Click here to find out more.


My Little Muslim Friends Doll

Role playing is a vital part of children’s growth and development as it gets them to broaden their imagination. Dolls are one of the best gifts for encouraging role play particularly if they are representative and children can identify with the dolls. This is why My Little Muslim Friends Dolls make great Islamic gifts for Muslim children because they are specially designed to represent the Muslim demographic in color, dressing as well as in the names. The female dolls wear a hijab and have various skin tones which provides options for every Muslim home. They also have names like Fatimah, Mohammed and Hana which are representative of the average Muslim household. Asides that, the Little Muslim Friends dolls also speak, so they help to teach children everyday Islamic phrases such as As Salam Alaikum and Alhamdulillah as well as the Arabic Alphabets and Numbers. Want to learn more about this amazing toy? Click here to find out more.


Toddlers love to explore and learn through play, so buying the right toys for them sets the foundation for them to develop new skills and practice them in order to develop. Exposing them to the right Islamic products from early on can go a long way in nurturing their interest in the deen and setting them up with a solid Islamic foundation for later on in life.

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